I.C.S 輸入カメラ協会とは - About I.C.S. -


輸入カメラ協会(Imported Camera Society:略称I.C.S.)は1960年代からの貿易自由化による並行輸入などの輸入量増加に伴い、同業者間での話し合いが持たれ、日本国内での輸入カメラ業界の発展・普及の為、1972年に誕生しました。




The Imported Camera Society (abbreviated as I.C.S.) started discussions with other companies in the same industry as imports such as parallel imports increased due to trade liberalization in the 1960s. It was established in 1972 for the development and spread of the imported camera industry in Japan.

When it was first formed, it was a small organization, but now it has grown to include 13 camera stores, and the used camera market held at the Matsuya Ginza department store has become one of the world's leading shows loved by many fans.

In addition, we donate a portion of our sales to NHK Public Welfare Organization every year as a social contribution.

We will continue to strive to satisfy our customers, revitalize the camera industry, and strive to become a vitality of the Japanese economy.